After Work Concert Series & Nothing More

This Thursday, August 31st, the After Work Concert series is proud to present Vallejo, a national touring rock band from Austin, Texas. Created by the three Vallejo brothers and their two friends- lead vocalist and lead guitarist A.J. Vallejo, Omar Vallejo on bass, Alejandro Vallejo on drums, Bruce Castleberry on guitar, and percussionist Alex Geismar.

Vallejo has been rockin’ for over 15 years and has released their first album in four years entitled “Brothers Brew.” Their sound comes from a mixture of classic rock, funky rhythms, and Latin percussion. Doors for this show will open at 5 p.m.

Later in the night Nothing More will be taking the stage with their heavy metal music. Hailing from San Antonio, this four piece band has been together since their middle school years. Members include Jonny Hawkins on lead guitar, Daniel Oliver on bass and backup vocals, Mark Vollelunga on guitar, and Paul OBrien on drums.

After dropping a new album recently, this band is ready to rock. Also performing is To Whom It May and Resz. Venue doors will open at 9 p.m. and advance tickets are still on sale online, at House of Rock, and Disc-Go-Round.


House of Rock’s 9th Anniversary Party

Established in the summer of 2005, House of Rock has been home to great music, great drinks, and now great food! Located in the heart of downtown Corpus Christi, House of Rock brings the community a great place to get together and hang out. With our crew and family continuously growing, we want you to help us celebrate House of Rock’s 9th birthday this Monday, July 28th!

The House of Rock Anniversary Party starts out with a Happy Hour Party from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. with half priced appetizers, drink specials, and music provided by The Electrotypes. The Venue will open their doors at 7 p.m. with a line up of The Reely Rotnz, The Revival, RMRS, and more!

Come party with us and celebrate 9 years of success!

The Return of the After Work Concert Series Begins This Thursday

Bummed out that early morning work shifts are keeping you from seeing your favorite bands? The House of Rock has you covered as the After Work Concert Series returns for a series of Thursday night shows kicked off by San Antonio rockabilly standouts Two Tons of Steel. Doors are at 5:30 p.m., the show begins at 6 p.m. and is over by 8 p.m. … giving you know excuse to rock out and still wake up to that alarm clock. Two Tons of Steel has pushed the envelope of Americana/country/rockabilly since 1992, making tons of fans along the way.

Future Thursday early shows are Rated R and Vulgar Power on July 24, Vallejo on July 31 and Sweet Daddy on Aug. 14.

Thursday with Ian Moore, Saturday with Morbid Angel and More


Critics and fans had then-Austin musician Ian Moore pegged as the next Stevie Ray Vaughan. He has the talent and could have played along, but didn’t. Instead, the Berkeley, Calif.-born musician, who has spent his time between Austin and Seattle, forged his own path in power-pop, roots music and blues with elements of folk and world music.

Moore had already gained notice before playing in Joe Ely’s band while in college at the University of Texas. He released his first debut album in 1993 and has released eight full-length albums (in addition to two live albums), with the last one in 2011.

Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils play Thursday with Dunebilly at House of Rock. Doors at are at 7 p.m.



The locals take over on Friday at House of Rock as Cupid’s Victim (female-fronted rock band), Thai Die (rock), Something Silky (rock), Violet Crush (alternative rock for the masses) and Lady Katherine (female-fronted jam/rock band) play. Doors are at 8:30 p.m.



Pioneering death metal band Morbid Angel blasts into action Saturday at House of Rock with Vadim Von, Xaphron and NQA. Doors are at 8 p.m. Morbid Angel evolved from its thrash metal roots after forming in Tampa, Fla., in 1984 and has found a tremendous following in being at the forefront of death metal’s creation. The group has released nine full-length albums, including 2011’s “Illud Divinum Insanus” after a nearly eight-year layoff between releases.

Fourth of July Weekend at House of Rock


Local rockers Cathouse, Echo, Stonewired, John Cortez Band and Bushbullit will be providing the indoor fireworks Friday at House of Rock as they present Rock Loud and Live during Art Walk. Doors are at 6:30 p.m.

Cathouse delivers that great rock and blues reminiscent of Cream, Deep Purple, Jeff Beck and many others. Stonewired is a trio that spans metal — from classic to newer and more alternative. Bushbullit is inspired by Texas rock and spans blues, rock and country and throws in some Latin-inspired influences. Echo is a psychedelic/progressive rock band that can really stretch out a jam. John Cortez Band draws its blues/rock inspiration from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and more.


Surely you don’t want to miss The Hormones’ first show in Corpus Christi since 1995 on Saturday at House of Rock. They’ll be joined by Sons of Hercules and Sweet Daddy. Doors are at 8 p.m.

Alice native Tim Stegall’s musical obsession with punk rock began with a Patti Smith concert at The Ritz, watching the Sex Pistols on the evening news and reading about The Clash in Time magazine. He carried it to Texas A&M University and later started The Hormones, which became one of Austin’s classic, enduring 1990s punk bands.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Tim “Napalm” Stegall is joined by Clint Shay (guitars and vocals), Ryan Stepchild (bass and vocals) and Kriss Ward (drums) in the latest incarnation of the group. It’s three new guys, same three chords, Stegall says. David Fricke of Rolling Stone described the group in 1995 as “a twin-barrel shot of old-school zoom-punk, like Fear mudwrestling the Heartbreakers.” “I think we can live with that,” Stegall writes.

Sweet Daddy, with Nathan McLain on vocals and guitars, Jerry Moore on vocals and bass, Chris Garcia on vocals and guitar and Kele Moore on vocals and drums, has made minimal changes to its lineup since forming in 1992. The veteran hard rock combo isn’t in regular action, but seems to come out when we need them most.

San Antonio band Sons of Hercules are practitioners of classic late-’60s/early-’70s fuzzed-out, guitar-driven backstreet rock-n-roll like the MC5, New York Dolls and The Stooges.

Twin Forks bring their folk music this Friday to House of Rock

Twin Forks will be bringing their American Folk music to House of Rock on Friday, June 27th, 2014. With front-man and founder, Chris Carrabba, former lead singer of Dashboard Confessional, this show will have you losing all sense of time and place.

If you’ve ever been to a musical performance that made you give in to the cathartic feeling of clapping and dancing and singing along, you’ve already visited the sweet spot where Twin Forks have made it their mission to reside. “Whatever makes the audience stomp their feet and sing at the top of their lungs, that’s what I want to be doing,” says singer/guitarist Chris Carrabba. “I want to be generating that spirit from the stage.”

Carrabba figured out the guiding principle for Twin Forks before he even knew exactly what the project would sound like. During recent solo tours, Carrabba says he was reminded how important that audience connection had always been to him as a performer.

When tracking the music for their new LP, Twin Forks chose to do everything live. “I have this tendency to get really excited about what everyone is doing and I’ll make a little hoot or shout, and you can hear all those things in the final versions of the songs,” says Carrabba. “But the goal is always to do our best to get it right in the same room with each other, looking at each other, laughing with each other. I think you can feel that all over the songs.”

Check them out this Friday here at House of Rock, doors will open at 7 p.m.

Hip-Hop and Metal at House of Rock


Claim the Crown brings the best of Corpus Christi and regional hip hop to House of Rock on Thursday night. The show features live performances by AB Dvinci, Loudmoufa, Merk Rock, E Class, D.S.C. and T-Ress. Emakulate is the host, DJ Heavy Hands will be spinning and 361 Kingz will provide the beat showcase. Guest appearances will be made by Bo-Yo, J-Lee of Gunplay Muzik and the Gotti Gang.

Emakulate, who’s real name is Emmitt Bacy, was born and raised in Corpus Christi and has been rapping since the age of 6. He’s an MC who lights up the crowd with immense stage presence and electrifying performances. His style, although different to the usual crunk feel of southern rappers, is raw but catchy and deeply intellectual. Doors are at 8 p.m.




Metal has its night Saturday at House of Rock as Devil Driver, White Chapel, Revocation, Rivers of Nihil and Fit for An Autopsy take the stage Saturday at House of Rock. Doors are at 5 p.m.

Devil Driver tears its way through heavy metal again with “Beast,” the band’s fifth album for Roadrunner Records, which is an exorcism of animalistic, primal hooks, death metal percussion and propulsive thrashing. While many bands in the modern era are already withering away by their second album and have shriveled up and died by their third, Devil Driver has proven to mutate, growing strong and more immortal with each successive release.

White Chapel is an American deathcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee. Since its inception in 2006, the band has released three studio albums and five music videos and are currently signed to Metal Blade Records. White Chapel is notable for utilizing three guitarists.

Revocation returns with a new album of masterful modern metal in “Chaos of Forms.” Unforgettable songs bend, stop, twist and shred at virtuosic levels while exploding with frenetic energy.

Rivers of Nihil can be can be defined as the continuation of a neutral flow of retaining emptiness. The group’s humble, egoless efforts took shape after Jake Dieffenbach (vocals), Ron Nelson (drums), and Jon Kunz (guitars) got together to create a band to push the boundaries of death metal.

Corpus Christi, Texas