Try Something New at Beer School this Wednesday featuring Sixpoint Brewery!

Tired of drinking the same thing over and over? Wednesday’s are the perfect days to come out and try new beers for just $2.50. Over 80 beers in the cooler to choose from and every Wednesday is Beer Wednesday!

This Wednesday is also Beer School featuring Sixpoint Brewery beers The Crisp, Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger, Brownstone and Resin. Founded in 2004, Sixpoint Brewery is located in Brooklyn, New York. Their brand is sealed with the ‘sixpoint’ star which was popular during the medieval period. Sixpoint Brewery stands by the idea that ‘Beer is Culture’ and ties their brews to the historical connection beer has had for human civilizations for centuries.

There is a beer for everyone and you can try them all for FREE this Wednesday. Beer school begins at 9 PM sharp so be here on time and ready to fall in love with some new brew. Flatbroke will be performing after Beer School.