Q&A with Tana the Tattooed Lady- See Her Perform with The After Dark Revue Feb 16


Tana the Tattooed Lady is an original member of the burlesque troupe the Atomic Bombshells. She is an internationally celebrated burlesque dancer, singer and pin-up model. Performing at an array of events, including Miss Exotic World Competition and New York Burlesque Fest, Tana the Tattooed Lady is becoming a familiar face in the mainstream. She has been featured in MTV’s Real World and Made and has also appeared in music videos for Storm Large, Nickleback and Presidents of the USA.


Q: Where have you performed (Various countries or states)?

Oh my gosh… off the top of my head-

All over the U.S. –

California- L.A. Modesto, San Diego, San Fran, Oakland, Chico

Oregon -Portland, Lincoln City

Washington- Seattle , Walton, Bellevue, Redmond, Olympia, Vancouver

Canada- Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria

Nevada- Las Vegas, Reno

New York- Brooklyn, New York City

Massachusetts- Provincetown

Minnesota- St. Paul, Rochester, Minneapolis

Madison, Wisconsin

Chicago, Illinois

Germany- Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin

France- Paris

Portugal- Braga

Spain- Gijon


Q: What festivals or larger shows have you performed in?

Crossroads Music Festival Gijon, Spain

Vancouver BC Burlesque Fest

Miss Exotic World

NY Burlesque Fest

Burla- Braga, Portugal

Teasorama 2008 & 2012

Tiki Oasis

*Dallas Burlesque Fest in Feb 2013!


Q: How did you first get into burlesque?

At 18 living in Chico I was a company member in a theatre group at The Blue Room. One of the directors asked me to choreograph a group fan dance to Edith Piaf. We were all so shy! One of the gals didn’t even do the reveal!

My professional burly career started when  I was scouted by Lucky Penny of the Atomic Bombshells. I was trying on one of her gowns for an event in San Francisco.  She overheard me yapping about bringing my tap shoes to the theatre for rehearsal of the musical On the Town.


Q: Tell me about your very first time performing: (how was it?  Where was it? Etc)

I was 3. A Donald Duck inspired jazz dance to Macho Macho Duck! Sons of Hermann dance recital in Houston, Texas. I LOVED IT! I still have my plastic duck bill.


Q: What has been your favorite burlesque experience in the past year?

Teatro Zinzombie, the late night Halloween show with Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle.


Q: What would your words of wisdom be to those aspiring beginning ‘burlesque babies’ out there?

Be bold. Try not to compare yourself to others. Take lots of dance classes.


Q: What has been your best personal achievement in your performing career?

Every performance is a gift. The best personal achievement is in the mail, I think.


Q: What is your most favorite burlesque-related possession?

Shanghai Pearl made me these Swarovski crystal pasties I LOVE. Indigo Blue made Lily Verlaine & I these custom pasties for our Flapper Tap number at Miss Exotic World when we competed for Best Duet (we lost to Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey) . I wear the crap out of those sets of pasties.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do while off stage/unwinding?



Q: Name one fun and interesting fact about yourself.

I’m an Elvette. I tour with the Mexican Elvis, EL VEZ!