Q&A with Guitarist Lauren Pleasants of Kylesa by Eric Calvert

Q: How would you describe your sound to people that haven’t heard you?

A: I would say that we are heavy in sound and vibe with dynamic and melody. We love the riff and the catharsis of energy.

Q: It seems you really push your music with every album, either it be with a whole different feel or adding different soundscapes, ect, anything we can expect on the next release? Maybe some Jazz flute? Haha

A: No Jazz flute, sorry. Maybe another kind of flute.
I think with all of our releases there will be some element of surprise. That said, we aren’t planning on drastically changing our sound – I think what happens will be natural and organic. We will see.

Q: After the departure of Corey, was Eric Hernandez a very quick and no brainer choice to jump in the bass spot?

A. Yes.

Q: Was it an easy adaptation from one drummer into two? I know some might feel it’s excess, but I know when they see and hear you they’ll understand, live it’s amazing.

A: I think the drummers had to adapt to it the most. That, and stages became much smaller all of the sudden. It’s certainly a different impact live than on record. Both are really cool, but I think the audience will feel it more live.

5. Q: How do you keep your sound alive and always feeling new?

A: We have plenty of fire under our belly so it’s really not a problem to keep our music fresh. We love the process of creating and are never short on ideas.

Q: I’d always see ya’ll go through a lot of equipment and pedal-board changes, is the main reason to adapt to the touring record or is that another way to always keep your sound new. And is there a piece of equipment you can’t live without like a treasured guitar or an amp with that holy grail of a tone?

A: Well, many things depend on that. When we travel overseas, we play different amps than what we may use at home. Pedal set ups always change — it’s fun that way and our set ups depend on the set we’re playing as well. I couldn’t live without my Les Pauls!

Q: Anyone new and under the radar impressing you? Any bands we should be looking out for?

A: There is so much influx. It’s hard to keep up with !

Q: Any tips and advice for aspiring local bands?

A: Don’t give up and keep practicing. Try to find your own voice rather than relying on other people’s ideas; in a sea of ‘sameness’ your voice will set you apart from the crowd.

Q: What would be your biggest achievement up until now?

A: Probably playing on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’. My parents were proud. haha.

Q: What does the future hold for Kylesa?

A: We have a lot in the works right now. Coming out soon – this summer – Alternative Tentacles is re-issuing ‘To Walk A Middle Course’ and ‘Time Will Fuse Its Worth’ on vinyl. Both are remastered and TWFIW is remixed. Both have new artwork that reflects the old artwork – they came out looking beautiful.
We’re also working on new material in addition to a few surprises… so we’ll just have to keep everyone posted.
We’re going to Europe at the end of the summer but other than that we will not be touring until a new record has been written and recorded.


Kylesa will be performing with GWAR, Legacy of Disorder and Ghoul this Saturday, April 14 at House of Rock. Tickets can be purchased at Disc-Go-Round, House of Rock and our online box office. Doors are at 7 p.m. The show is 18 and up only.